WHAT WE DOSoft soil engineering

Soft soil engineering

Numerous ocean landfill construction works are being carried out in Korea
for the purpose of land reclamation or port development etc. similar to elsewhere.
ESCO engineers have participated in many diverse projects related to port development
including remediation of existing port facilities. ESCO engineers understand both the particular theoretical and
practical behavior of soft marine clay deposits as well as heavily over consolidated stiff clay bodies.


Port Development Projects
The Busan New Port Development Project, which has been built on
very thick (max. depths up to 75m) soft subsea clay deposits, is one of
many outstanding achievements which demonstrate ESCO’s specialized capabilities in soft soil engineering. The key technical issues were: engineering characterization of marine clay body or dredged clay body considering regional variations; selection of ground improvement techniques; calculation of amount of settlement and prediction of anticipated additional future settlements.
Ground Improvement Projects
A large number of reclamation works are being carried out to acquire
land areas particularly along the seashore. It is a very challenging engineering task when we have to determine the most appropriate improvement techniques for the dredged clay bodies. The layout shown aside is one of the ground improvement design projects, an industrial complex constructed on dredged clays designed by ESCO.
Typical technical issues related to deciding on the methods to be taken to provide trafficability during construction for the subsequent ground improvement works. Determining correct times at the ends of primary
and secondary consolidation was also a demanding task.